Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2020 For Windows

Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2020 For Windows

Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2020 For Windows 64/32 bit

Ad-Aware Antivirus is a software that was developed since 1999 to overcome problems related to viruses, spyware, and malware at that time, this application continues to grow rapidly over time, which almost every year gets various prestigious awards. Ad-Aware is an antivirus program that currently works with developers of popular anti-spyware technology. A combination of two machines that work together in one system that is oriented to focus to remove all types of malware, spyware, and viruses. The update system is different from the others set by default by the developer, making updates to this software will automatically take place every day. besides that, you can ensure that your PC or Laptop device is protected safely by this software. Usually on a PC device will be installed more than one antivirus. but you don’t need to use another antivirus if you already use this great antivirus.

Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2020 For Windows

General Review and Features:

  • On-demand scanning – On-demand scanning will give users a number of options for antivirus scanning such as Quick Scan, which is doing a basic scan from the start when your computer is turned on, to detect threats and dangers.
  • Complete Scan – Ad-Aware Antivirus system will work completely by checking all processes and files on your computer.
  • Custom Scan – This allows you to be able to determine which areas should be scanned and which areas should not be scanned.
  • Automatic scan – This feature makes it easy for you to create a scan schedule on the antivirus system, so that the antivirus will operate according to the schedule that you have set in the settings, without the need for you to supervise.
  • Definition Checker – This tool has a definition update that will automatically download information or data from all types of the latest malware, to anticipate attacks of new types as well, and the program works to check the latest definition files every hour but can be set accordingly your needs, to be able to save resources.
  • Real-time protection – Ad-Aware Antivirus Real-Time Protection is always actively working in the background by using few resources to protect the system on your computer when used. the software will scan all files and internet data transaction activities to prevent threats and dangers.
  • Smart Technology – The included Smart Scan can check previously scanned files in detail with less frequency to save resources on a computer system.
  • Active Virus Control – This feature will scan and prevent and monitor all processes on the device system to anticipate the possibility of dangerous activities occurring in real-time and accurately. as well as preventing the dangers of malware while the hardware system is being used.
  • Email Protection – This feature will scan all incoming and outgoing emails on your system, to ensure that no attachments are inserted with malware, in addition, this feature will notify the user if there are messages that are spam. When you activate this feature, all emails will be marked by Ad-Aware, as proof that the email has been scanned by this antivirus.
  • Website Protection – This feature will remind you when you surf the internet when you visit a site that is detected as dangerous or contains phishing elements or is suspected of infecting your system. this will certainly provide additional protection for your system beyond the defenses available by default in your own web browser. This feature is integrated with several databases systematically to be able to recognize all the latest types of phishing and malware links to be able to anticipate all-new threats and provide the latest protection against the latest types of threats on the internet network.
  • Protection of Your Network – Protection of this network will allow the firewall service to stop hackers from infiltrating your network and try to access your important files. In Standard Network Protection Mode, it will function to close vulnerable ports into entry points from hackers and others to infiltrate your network. Stealth Mode will allow your PC to be invisible to hackers or hidden, so you can still use the internet without being noticed by strangers.
  • Parental Control – This feature is a tool that allows parents to filter or block all websites that contain content that is appropriate or not in accordance with the age range of their children, by creating certain website categories that can be adjusted as needed.

Please note that every year the Ad-Aware antivirus software is sent to specialized independent laboratories to take part in a series of technical tests, and continuously or consistently this software always gets a good score in the capacity to protect against all dangers caused by malware and others. the impact of these tested capabilities makes Ad-Aware highly appreciated by many professionals and other ordinary users as one of the best antimalware software programs of all existing software.

Download Ad-Aware Antivirus Free 2020 For Windows 64/32 bit:

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