Download ClamWin Antivirus 2020 For Windows

Download ClamWin Antivirus 2020 For Windows

Download ClamWin Antivirus For Windows 64/32 bit

ClamWin is a Free Antivirus software program for Microsoft Windows, ClamWin Free Antivirus is based on a system from a ClamAV engine that uses the GNU license by Free The Software Foundation supports it, and this application is free downloadable software. ClamWin Free Antivirus is very easy to install and easy to operate or use, that’s why this software continues to grow and has been downloaded and used by more than 600,000 active users from various countries in the world every day. And their main reason is that this application can be easily installed and has an open-source code that makes it easy for anyone to download and use it without thinking about subscription fees or free.

Download ClamWin For Windows

General Review and Features:

  • Very high detection rate for all viruses and spyware.
  • Scheduled Scan – The system can detect according to schedule, and all automatic downloads from the Virus Database will be updated periodically and continuously.
  • The virus scanner is independent and has right-clicked menu integration for options into Microsoft Windows Explorer.
  • Has the option to Microsoft Outlook to be able to delete all files or attachments infected with a virus quickly and automatically.
  • The latest version of Clamwin Free Antivirus is 0.99.4 – The latest version of ClamWin Free Antivirus does not include a real-time scanner when accessing the system. but you can scan your files manually to be able to detect viruses or spyware that are harmful to your system.
  • ClamWin Free Antivirus software is 100% free software for all of you.
  • You can send virus samples or the like to help develop this application’s virus database and that means you have contributed to saving many people’s systems.

ClamAV is a powerful detection engine made as a multipurpose Antivirus based on a Linux system that can be used properly as a gateway, as an email server scanner and can be integrated with client desktop devices. this then inspired a combination of several open-source system development communities to create software for Microsoft Windows, because this OS was the most popular operating system and was always intercepted by viruses and other threats. ClamWin acts as a very strong protection media but is very small in memory usage when compared to other anti-viruses. ClamWin Antivirus also has its own uniqueness, which can be developed into a portable application, because this application uses an open-source system that can be used, supported, developed, and maintained by everyone freely. ClamWin Antivirus application, including one of the best free antivirus for Microsoft Windows of the many best antivirus. It has a user-friendly interface, is quite simple, has simple navigation, but has a strong and powerful performance and optimal function, and there is no complex or complex function inside, you only have two main choices, namely to support the file or memory only, simple but useful.

Download ClamWin For Windows 64/32 bit:

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