Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2020 For Windows

Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2020 For Windows

Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2020 For Windows 64/32 bit

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a service-based program for maximum security and protection with the latest technology that is very powerful and very efficient to provide you with super extreme protection. as well as a very powerful Antivirus system that works to prevent threats and malicious attacks to your system and your data, in addition to the network. The super secure firewall will be able to protect your online identity and privacy optimally, and also has the capacity to take precautions against ransomware and offer protection against all phishing in real-time for shopping or banking transactions online.

Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security For Windows

General Review and Features:

  • Anti-Phishing – ZoneAlarm Extreme Security uses the ability to deal with anti-phishing in real-time and also ensures that your personal information is kept safe from all online fraud and malicious phishing e-mail URLs will not be able to trick you into giving them your data. because every online form that you meet will be scanned to secure potential threats.
  • Advanced Firewall – The two-way Firewall system from ZoneAlarm will protect you from proactive inbound and outbound cyber attacks. protection starts at the start, your operating system is protected until it is turned off. in addition, the Control application will give you the option to allow or block a program from the internet, and you will be protected from hacker surveillance.
  • Anti-Ransomware – ZoneAlarm will protect you by preventing and blocking ransomware attacks, as well as other malicious attempts that attempt to take over your system and devices.
  • Real-time antivirus – Don’t worry about any type of virus, Trojan horse or spyware, etc. with a database based in the cloud, then all types of viruses will be recognized and always updated immediately so that all anticipations can be done well to prevent all viruses from infecting your system even from the latest types of viruses though.
  • IOS & Android Cellular Security – All you can do securely without worrying about your data, photo files, credential data, important applications, or anything else to be stolen or compromised by a foreign party or other unauthorized access. other than that you can connect to public WiFi networks without fear of being known by hackers and supervised by spies because you will be hidden from phishing attempts, malicious URLs, and fake websites.
  • Threat Emulation – ZoneAlarm Extreme Security will protect you from Zero-day attacks. and all files detected as dangerous will be sent to a virtual sandbox, to be analyzed and removed if dangerous. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security offers a super-effective defense against all potential hazards that lurk massively.
  • Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Engine – This tool detects and removes viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits of existing and even the newest types.
  • Advanced Real-Time Antivirus will check all files with the latest data-based system from the latest virus variants to protect you and your data from all the latest threats.
  • Advanced Firewall – The program’s monitoring system works to monitor all suspicious behavior, see and stop new attacks before they occur.
  • Two-way firewall – This application will proactively protect you against attacks from entry and exit and make you invisible to dangerous hackers and will stop spyware from sending your files or data to the Internet.
  • Identity Protection Service – This system is very helpful to prevent your personal identity theft activities by optimally protecting your personal data.
  • Threat Extraction – This feature is included in the existing Chrome Web Secure Extension. and can remove threats from an email attachment to download the internet website.
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Protect your system and your device and yourself from all dangers and threats by using ZoneAlarm Extreme Security software, not just an ordinary antivirus, but works with more heat than that, equipped with a very powerful default antivirus and supported by a very strong security system, application This will work beyond your expectation of antivirus from ZoneAlarm. all the features that are implemented function so well and optimally that you will no longer worry about the threats and dangers of viruses, malware, spyware, hackers, snooping, phishing, and so on, so you can surf the internet freely, safely and casually.

Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security For Windows 64/32 bit:

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